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I have no title, do I?

Some english again...dunno why. Doesn't matter.

I reaload the other Journal (MyBlog). I want to say some things, like I did it the last entries here. But I recognized, that these things are not for every one to read, so there is no need to post the link here. Some informations concerning unimportant fucking shit about everything and nothing here - everything else elsewhere.

I want to stay at home this weekend. I don't want to meet anybody. Really. I am really not interessted in anybody at the moment.
I am angry, but I even don't know why the hell I am.
Maybe it's all about the season.

I hope this kind of 'My world is so fucked'-moody-mood will dissappear until wednesday. At least, I wanna look a bit pretty on the pictures...

I have to o for lunch now. Mata neo mina-san.
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